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The WaRe3 Research Group carries out applied research that covers a broad range of areas, including the development and application of novel technological solutions for waste treatment and resource recovery processes. 


The WaRe3 Research Group is committed to generating high-quality research that is informed by industry and contributes to the improvement of practice in Manufacturing, Water & Waste Services, and Agriculture & Food industry. Our mission is to develop cleaner, safer, and more energy-efficient processes for the development of high-value products from raw materials and waste.

Waste &
Resource Recovery Research Group

Waste Minimisation
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We are active in research in reducing the amount of waste, by-product, and resources entering the waste stream and their associated environmental impacts.

Resource Recovery
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In order to move towards sustainability, our efforts have been largely concentrated on the recovery of resources from waste, plant materials and marine resources.

Our Team

Our research team is made up of many engineers and scientists from different disciplines, primarily chemical engineering, environmental engineering, chemistry and biotechnology.

Business Morning
Research Areas 


Hydrothermal Processing

Critical Fluid Extraction






Teaching Areas 


Master of Engineering Studies (MEngSt) in Sustainable Resource Recovery

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