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Jul 2021
'Tastes like hāngi in a bottle': Auckland academics start kānuka business venture 

Jun 2021
Dr Mazdak Rasapoor successfully defended his PhD thesis.

On Tuesday 16 June 2021, Mazdak successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Improving Landfill Methanogenesis efficiency using Chemical Additives".


Congratulations Mazdak!

Feb 2021
Dr Teck Nam Ang successfully defended his PhD thesis.

On Tuesday 16 February 2021, Teck Nam successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Adsorptive Removal of Volatile Anaesthetics from Waste Medical Gas".


Congratulations Teck Nam!

Jan 2021
Meeting with the Maori community of Whareponga Valley in Ruatoria, East Cape (Ngati Porou)

WaRe3 (Saeid Baroutian, Xing Xin, Sinemobong Essien) and a team from the Office of Pro-Vice-Chancellor Maori, Uniservices, Faculty of Business and Economics, MPI and industry met with the Maori community of Whareponga Valley in Ruatoria, East Cape (Ngati Porou). This hui was built on the previous half-day wananga held at the Engineering Faculty and sought to develop commercial opportunities from the kanuka tree and explore the land and native plant development projects to advance the economic development of Maori land initiatives. During the three fascinating days, the team had the privilege of staying at Whareponga marai and meeting with the local Maori community and landowners. During this hui, Saeid presented his research and the products he has developed from kanuka to the Maori people of Whareponga. This commercialisation project is run by Saeid Baroutiand and Kiri Dell and supported by the Faculty of Engineering and UniServices.

Jan 2021
Our research on valorisation of Sargassum seaweed has been featured in the December 2020 edition of CESaRE Impacts.

Our research on valorisation of Caribbean pelagic sargassum seaweed has been featured in CESaRE’s Magazine Series. Terrell Thompson discussed our research in the latest issue of CESaRE Impacts.  CESaRE Impacts has worked with Caribbean journalists in the environmental sciences and renewable energy to disseminate closed-access research coming from the Caribbean.

Well done Terrell!

November 2020
Terrell Thompson received the Best Presentation Award!


Each year the department holds a Research Showcase where PhD students have the opportunity to disseminate their research and showcase the breadth of research across all areas of chemical and materials engineering.  The showcase is a mixture of oral and poster presentations, and the winning presentation in the chemical engineering category is nominated for the IChemE Postgraduate Competition.


This year, Terrell ​received the best presentation award. Congratulations Terrell!

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